A time without time

Your time is yours. Or, rather, it is for you to make those moments that make up your time yours. How do you do it? By asking yourself what you want. Because what you do is your commitments. It’s what you have chosen to do. Personal statements, public or private, intimate, in which you have …

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Stimulating innovation in companies

Thinking about innovation should be a matter that involves much more than change or invention. It is necessary to see innovation as a productivity challenge that involves all the members of a company, since individual innovation is becoming more difficult every day. It is a process that requires discipline and constant practice. It is not …

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Training with the latest trends

Training the staff of your business has become very changeable, with the passage of time, numerous technological and social advances have emerged that make the task of designing, developing, executing and analyzing the different business models, a little more detailed and its level of demand higher. All these changes have led to establish trends that …

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Non-verbal communication with the client.

Non-verbal communication with the client.   Non-verbal communication is the aspect of communication that is not expressed in words. It’s about communicating with gestures, expressions, eye contact among others. According to the research of the anthropologist Albert Mehrabian, the communicative process is shaped as follows: 7% verbal communication, 38% paraberbal communication and 55% body communication, …

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3 reasons why SMEs fail

SME the acronym for Small and Medium Enterprise. It´s a commercial, industrial or other type of company that has a small number of workers and has a moderate income. Finding out why SMEs fail is essential in times when entrepreneurship is encouraged. Unfortunately, some aspects of the operation of SMEs make them vulnerable organizations and …

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Keys to increase your sales

Achieving a good promotion of your product or service can be quite a complicated process if you do not take into account the appropriate techniques to use. This is why it is key to study the target market and know what works for your business or company.  Sales are vital to any business, so always focus on improving all those techniques that allow successful results.  To increase your sales, it is necessary:  Tell your audience all the benefits of your product  The idea is to let your potential customers know all the benefits they will get from buying or using your product or service.  You can use any means of communication that allows good publicity, creating something different and innovative is one of the most effective ways to promote a product.  Make use of new technologies  Companies that want to increase sales cannot remain oblivious to the technological revolution. It is very important to immerse your business in the digital world, using Social Networks as a means of communication and advertising is really vital at this time for any business or company.  Define a clear and persuasive sales message  The script or speech is a fundamental tool in the sales process. The goal is to facilitate communication with the potential customer, gaining their trust and thus facilitating the sales process, offering them all the benefits, additional products, among other things.     These are some of the keys that you must put into practice to increase your sales, providing a good and pleasant experience to all customers should be the main meaning of the sales process. 

Business ethics

Ethics refers to the set of norms and customs that direct or value human behavior in a community. This is how the definition of business ethics refers to the study of how a company should act in the face of ethical dilemmas and controversial situations not only from a legal perspective, but also from a social point of view.  Business ethics as a field of study is very diverse, however, many concepts can be broken down into a few basic principles, such as integrity, respect, fairness, and care.  Importance of business ethics  Business ethics are important for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons and it is one of the most outstanding is that it keeps the company working within the limits of the law, ensuring that they do not commit crimes against their employees, clients, consumers in general or other parties. However, the business also has other advantages that will help them be successful if they know business ethics.  Businesses can also build trust between business and consumers. Following business ethics can also be beneficial to employees and company operations. Attracting top talent is significantly easier for ethical companies. This produces more dedicated employees and can also reduce recruiting costs.  What are the benefits of business ethics ?  Better image of the organization: If a company cares about acting ethically within its environment, not focusing only on achieving the greatest economic benefit, but also cares about the people who in one way or another intervene in the growth of its company, then the image of the same will improve a lot.  Better internal functioning: Each member of the organization knows how to act at all times.  The ethical business is essential if you want to stay in the industry 

Characteristics of the free company

Free enterprise, also known as capitalism, is a type of economic and social system based on private ownership of capital, the means of production, labor, and market exchange. The profits are distributed among the owners or used to invest in technology and industry. There are five basic principles of the system that are generally accepted …

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Making decisionsis steely

Making the right decision every time is the goal of those who practice management. Doing so requires deep knowledge and extensive experience in the field. Decision-making happens at all levels of a business, moving in a pyramidal way from the mundane decisions made every day by low-level employees to far-reaching executive decisions that can require …

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Business ethics

Ethics defines us, defines our personality, our discipline, principles, values, ideals, etc. However, the term is somewhat complex, as what may be «good or bad» for someone may not be for someone else. We were raised and educated differently, we grew up in different families and environments, since we were children, we captured «the right» …

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