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SME the acronym for Small and Medium Enterprise. It´s a commercial, industrial or other type of company that has a small number of workers and has a moderate income.

Finding out why SMEs fail is essential in times when entrepreneurship is encouraged. Unfortunately, some aspects of the operation of SMEs make them vulnerable organizations and at high risk of closure.

The reasons why SMEs fail are multiple and innumerable, but the reality is that most companies that go bankrupt make similar mistakes, so we´ll give you three arguments that are very common and that cause the failure of these medium and small companies. .

4. Lack of knowledge of the market, customers and their habits. A large number of companies start to market their products without a clear market study, which causes a great decline from the beginning since it´s essential to obtain positive results with respect to sales.

5. Lack of planning. It´s extremely important that every company has a business plan. Many SMEs fail due to major flaws in their business planning. This must be realistic and based on current and correct information, as well as adequate plans for the future.

6. Lack of website and presence in social networks. If you have a business in the current era, you need a website and you need to have a presence on social networks, it has become totally necessary whatever the type of industry your company focuses on.

Starting with clear ideas becomes vital for the growth of any business or company, if you want to avoid the failure of your business, the best advice we can give you is to keep an open mind to new knowledge and learn everything you need to succeed.

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