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Thinking about innovation should be a matter that involves much more than change or invention. It is necessary to see innovation as a productivity challenge that involves all the members of a company, since individual innovation is becoming more difficult every day.

It is a process that requires discipline and constant practice. It is not a random event, product of a celestial inspiration, and it is not necessarily linked to technology: people are still the most important axis in innovation.

1.Dialogue with customers: Customers are an inexhaustible source of ideas for innovation, perhaps the most important. They determine the ultimate purpose of innovation. In this sense, customer service can be the most valuable channel for identifying immediate opportunities for improvements and changes in both products and services.
2. Internal customers: To innovate, we must be interested in and attend to employees and collaborators. They need to be well trained and educated. This is the only way they will become committed and loyal, both to their work and to the company.
3. To make mistakes is not to fail: In order to innovate, it is inevitable to make mistakes. Those who aspire to innovate should not be paralyzed by the fear of failure. On the contrary, they should replace that word with the notion of learning and should maintain a positive and constructive attitude in the face of obstacles.
4. Continuous training: Innovation is not usually seen as the result of a work process. Rather, it is associated with spontaneous inventions. But innovation requires effort and perseverance. It is the result of habit and discipline to remain alert and flexible in the face of the changes that surround us on a daily basis.
5. Thinking together with others: When we work as a team with sincere interest and attention to the ideas of all its members, the possibilities of discovering new routes and ways of doing things are enhanced. Isolating oneself for inspiration is not a good practice, because an idea is enriched and perfected with diverse, plural and varied contributions.

If you make these values part of the daily culture of all departments in your company, the innovative capabilities of your team will flourish more strongly and quickly. Remember that innovation is an attitude and a willingness to improve, create and prosper.


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