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We want to accompany you to take the next step for the growth of your business.

At BLC we are loan specialists, we will work with and for you through the entire loan process. It is fast and easy. If your business needs cash to buy inventory, advertise, expand, consolidate debt, or even pay taxes, we are your solution.

We drive your business to success by providing you with a working capital loan that meets your needs.


BLC is a company with extensive experience in the financial field, where we want to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, a one-size-fits-all style of trade financing awaits. BLC offers quick and easy small business loans, without the traditional bureaucracy, mountains of paperwork, and long wait times for a bank loan. Benefit from a hassle-free, unsecured revolving line of credit.


If you are an ISO, financial consultant or broker who is dedicated to the financial improvement of your clients, you will appreciate the value of being able to provide a fast, effective and fair financial product. You need a global partner to help you accomplish your tasks.