Business Financing

We are aware of the financial issues facing your business and offer you the financing tools you need to keep your business growing. Financial solutions for small businesses

Small Business Loans and Lines of Credit

With a commercial loan, you access the funds in a single payment and pay a fixed amount every month.

With a line of credit, you apply for as much or as little as you need, up to your available credit limit, and the amount you must pay is adjusted based on the balance owed. The funds can be requested, repaid, and reapplied.

Business Credit Card Solutions

With a business credit card, you can pay for office supplies, access cash advances, or pay utility bills, with no annual fee.

  • Visa business credit card
  • Enhanced Business Credit Card Visa
  • Small Business Administration Loans


SBA 504

The SBA 504 loan is designed for business owners who want to purchase fixed assets such as equipment, machinery, and real estate.

SBA 7 (a)

An SBA 7 (a) loan allows businesses to borrow up to $ 5 million for business expansion, equipment purchases, or debt refinancing.

SBA Express

An SBA Express Loan is a loan or line of credit between $ 100,000 and $ 350,000. The funds can be used for operating capital, business expansion and the purchase of fixed assets.

Lease financing

With lease financing, you’ll have a flexible and cost-effective way to get everything from office furniture to heavy equipment.

  • Easy and affordable way to finance equipment.
  • It gives you the equipment that your company needs.
  • No large capital investments
  • Keeps your cash free to invest or use for other business needs.

Also, lease financing can give you these additional benefits:              

  • The organization determines that equipment is needed and selects suppliers.
  • Payments can be made late or in advance, and can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
  • Generally, there is no prepayment penalty.
  • The terms of the lease generally coincide with the useful life of the equipment. When the final lease payment is made, ownership of the equipment is often immediately transferred to you.

It offers competitive rates and creative financing options designed to meet the financial needs of the organization.

Requirements for our services:

Last three account statements

Complete credit application

Driver's license

Void check from business account