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Free enterprise, also known as capitalism, is a type of economic and social system based on private ownership of capital, the means of production, labor, and market exchange. The profits are distributed among the owners or used to invest in technology and industry. There are five basic principles of the system that are generally accepted as key elements for its prosperity.

Individuals: For a capitalist society to prosper, there must be individuals who commit themselves as consumers, workers, and investors. Consumers influence production patterns through purchasing decisions. Workers decide which jobs to create and which markets to seek for them. Investors decide how much money to save and how much to invest to help businesses grow.

 Business: Business firms decide what and where production should take place and also influence purchasing. Businesses try to influence consumer decisions by using marketing and advertising to maximize profit (also known as profit motive). This is the driving force of capitalist society.

 The market: The free market is the central exchange of goods and services. In a capitalist society, goods and services are controlled primarily through supply and demand, as well as competition. Laws are in place to encourage competition in the free market and prevent monopolies.

Income: The income earned in a capitalist society depends primarily on skills, along with supply and demand. People with rare abilities are worth much more in the free market and can demand a higher income.

The government: In a capitalist economy, the market is not controlled by the government (a system known as laissez faire) but it is regulated by it. The government sets the rules to protect consumers and ensure that competition is maintained or promoted.

In conclusion, these would be the main points and factors that give life to the free enterprise since with these characteristics we can better understand that system and thus know which are the protagonists of its economic prosperity, each one as fundamental as the other, with this you must know that to head towards success, you must do an emotional analysis to have a mindset resistant to stress, change and uncertainty.

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