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The use and effect of marketing on social media has increased dramatically in recent years. The new form of word of mouth is marketing in social networks and this has to be taken into account in the tactics of communication and public relations.

Why communication and public interrelations have to be aligned with social networks?


Currently, public communication and interrelationships and social networks have become intertwined. Public collaborations mainly focused more on influential people, such as investors, shareholders or business allies, however with the growth of social networks, these people remain present on these platforms, which they then have the possibility of using for public interaction purposes.

Because public interactions and social media are used to build and maintain trust in the company and its products, it is natural that the two are in sync.

Social networks have changed public interrelations. In several ways, the effect they have had on communication and public relations is remarkable, such as:


  • Public relations and social networks are based on communication, however social networks, with their messages in real time, amplify their message, allowing public interrelationships to be stronger and more impactful.
  • Social networks allowed public interactions to reach a much larger audience. Previously, public interactions were directed at specific individuals, such as investors and business partners, but social media expanded this target set to include all the people vital to the success of an organization.
  • Social media made public interactions more “friendly” for each of a company’s stakeholders, resulting in a totally new area of ​​marketing called “relationship marketing”.



  • Communication on social networks has to be different from that used in public relations. Social networks keep sending conversational messages in order to influence sales.
  • On the other hand, in the situation of public relations, what is sought is to send a message without seeming to influence sales. This way the tone and focus are different.
  • The audience of public interrelations interacts with the content in a different way and mainly in a passive way, while the audience of social networks is more attractive and interactive.

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