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The pandemic made many changes in our society, both at work and personal level, this year there was a very high level of unemployment, as well as an excellent resurgence of freelancer jobs.

With the virtual era, today’s young people are looking for job opportunities that can be adapted to our lifestyle, they no longer look for office jobs so much, there are companies run from the owners’ homes, in past times it was practically impossible something like that happened.

Not only that, companies also have to know how to adapt to the new modality and offer their workers solutions that are in line with the new generations.

There is no longer the need to go to an office to send a document, or have to meet face to face with a potential client (although this is always recommended), with a computer or with the same mobile device you can do many things.

The issue of being able to manage your own schedules helps in the performance of the staff, because many of us are extremely creative at different times of the day, you also show the employee that you respect them and that they seek their greater comfort, as the saying goes, happy employee happy customers .

In short, things are moving forward, businesses grab more branches to sell their products, better project management tools, and an absurd amount of new ways to create new jobs.

And you, will you stay stuck to the same business system of 20 years ago?

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