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With the title we look like a convent of the church on your block, but it has nothing to do with it, leave Doña Carmen alone and read our blog.

The investor (as we well know) is that natural or legal person that commits part or all of its capital to the acquisition of financial securities, that is, the investor is that individual or company that allocates money to place it in the financial market to increase its production , reduce debts or pay more staff, among others.

These same investors, once they put their money to work, generate a profit in terms of the success of the business or corresponding percentage, all this depends on the results of the company in a certain period of time.

If we take it to more spiritual terms, monetary investments are not made all the time, you can make an investment of time with a recreational activity, invest in your health by eating healthier and even invest your interest in a person (who not all the time has return on investment)

With the title we mean that it will never be too late to invest in an idea, to invest in yourself, to give you a new economic challenge that can often be the best decision of your life or what will lead you to a heavy debt.

This is what life is about, trial and error, the one who is wrong learns more than the one who never dared to dream.

BLC timing is perfect.

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