Training with the latest trends

Training the staff of your business has become very changeable, with the passage of time, numerous technological and social advances have emerged that make the task of designing, developing, executing and analyzing the different business models, a little more detailed and its level of demand higher.

All these changes have led to establish trends that allow a wide range of solutions that can sometimes be confusing when making the decision of which is the best tool, model or instrument for the moment that the organization and the people who will participate in these theoretical or practical models are living.

In some occasions, training managers and also users have pretended that these tools become by themselves almost magical solutions for the different training problems of the organization, in such a way that an expectation is generated that in many occasions ends in frustration when evidencing that the results do not come close to what was expected.

Some trends that can be applied to solve the problems of your company may be:
1. Manage by competence.
2. Evaluate 360º.
3. Coaching. Excellent model for competency development and performance improvement.
4. E-learning. Model that demands a lot of self-discipline and self-learning.
5. B-learning. Alternative to give more strength to virtual learning models.

All these tools and trends have become a support for human resources managers to strengthen their ability to impact and contribute positively to improve performance and increase productivity, so that they can implement programs tailored to the needs of the company, based on the fundamental fact that it is precisely the human talent that drives business management and its results.

All this confirms that knowledge evolves every day at such a speed that it is no longer possible, as in previous centuries, to synthesize it in a single concept, its diversity, depth and breadth makes it necessary that we have to agree with Einstein when he says that we are all ignorant, what happens is that we are not all ignorant of the same thing.