The importance of video within content marketing:

  • The objective of companies is to position themselves in the digital market and, to achieve this objective; content marketing is of utmost importance. This strategy plays with multiple actions by marketers to add value to their posts, articles, lead magnets, campaigns, social media content, and more. Among its actions is the inclusion of video as a complement to the strategy.
  • Video marketing is an ideal option for branding, since companies can make the content they generate much more dynamic to attract new users and entertain those already loyal. This option is being increasingly approached since it allows much more freedom when designing a campaign and at the same time manages to exploit creativity to the fullest.
  • Among the advantages that video marketing offers, it allows you to create more dynamic, richer and faster content. Image or audio are less dynamic techniques, which reduces the level of information. Communication takes place with greater immediacy, contrary to the text.
  • Adaptable:
  • It´s much better to watch a video on your Smartphone or Tablet than to read a text of more than 1000 words and the video adapts perfectly to these devices.
  • Touch the emotions
  • Through video, we can more easily reach the emotions and feelings of the users, managing to connect better with them.
  • Life to creativity
  • Carrying out a video is much more expensive than writing an article, because the resources used involve a greater investment. Despite this, it´s important to note that a high creativity of the producer or community manager can achieve a good result, achieving a good return on investment.
  • Greater reach
  • Videos are the content most visited by users on the internet. YouTube is a faithful example that this type of content generates greater visibility and virility.
  • Variety in content
  • The video option allows you to create multiple documents for different platforms. From documentaries and shorts to commercials, video is a versatile and adaptable resource.
  • Given that the reasons stated above present numerous advantages of the use of video as part of content marketing, it´s important that companies take this tool into account to achieve greater visibility and scope of the promotion of their products or services. Being clear about the benefits that video offers, we can go on to describe certain tips to create excellent audiovisual content.
  1. Explode creativity
  2. Add a differentiator
  3. Reduce costs by focusing on what is most relevant to your consumers
  4. Use the right resources
  5. Hire specialized staff
  6. Inform, educate and entertain through video
  7. Consult your audience to know their needs
  8. Open yourself to multiple ideas to generate new content
  9. Generate videos that don´t exceed 2 minute
  10. Use varied platforms
  11. Focus on generating useful content for your community