The fear of money

The lack of adequate education on the correct handling of money has provoked a terrible fear in our current society, not only of the lack of money, but also of the use of money.

There are people who do not know what to do with a credit to start a business, they know perfectly well what to do with a car loan, with a real estate loan, with a credit or departmental card and they never, ever ask themselves: what if I lose my job, what if I get into debt, what if I cannot pay the monthly installments? in these cases they use credit cards or loans as aces in money management, without considering that none of these models is focused on them having a better standard of living or obtaining more income, but on the contrary, with high interest rates they reduce the monthly cash flow of the beneficiary.

Not knowing what to do with the money is what causes this phenomenon that keeps so many people in a socioeconomic level of life that does not satisfy them and that forces them to continue working long hours, endure bad treatment and low payments in order to meet their expenses and family and even credit commitments.

Money should be considered a tool and not an end, you should not work to earn money, but ideally not work and still cover your expenses and generate more money, money is the means to achieve the ends, as such, it should be handled properly to be a provider and not only serve to cope with life.

The most important thing about a proper financial education is that you will be able to know what you are doing so that the money generates more money and with it, automatically, fear and insecurity disappear.