The 10 things a Customer Wants

If we really knew what a customer wants, we would have no problem selling. The problem is that as entrepreneurs live in love with themselves and their products, they do not see beyond them.

1.The same thing everyone has, but different. Or rather, exclusive.

2. A menu where all prices are not the same. That is, the ability to choose.

3. More attention than the person sitting next to you. Because we need to feel important.

4.A price slightly lower than that offered to others. To get the feeling that we are doing a great business or, at least, better business than the rest (actually, this has a lot to do with the previous point).

5.A new model, having it a little earlier than others, but only if others are going to like it. Because really nothing has changed since we got upright and status is the fundamental thing, whether we like it or not.

6.A seat for a movie with all tickets sold.

7.Access to the best customer service in the store, preferably by the boss.

8. Be treated better, but not too better.

9. Let them realize that we exist, but not too much either.

10. Be right. Because many times we are capable of losing things more important than that reason in order to have it or keep it.

Do you feel identified when you are in a situation where you are a customer of a restaurant or a store?

If so, congratulations, because that is how your customers feel about your business. I don’t care what their company actually does, because that’s what they want. And if you can put yourself in their shoes and look at your company, your product, and your service from there, then you will know how to improve it to make the difference that will make them choose you.

Read this list more than once and think about it, read it every time you need to put yourself in your client’s shoes and when you sit there, see your company from that perspective.