Non-verbal communication with the client.

Non-verbal communication with the client.


Non-verbal communication is the aspect of communication that is not expressed in words. It’s about communicating with gestures, expressions, eye contact among others.

According to the research of the anthropologist Albert Mehrabian, the communicative process is shaped as follows: 7% verbal communication, 38% paraberbal communication and 55% body communication, this means that most of a message is transmitted by gestures, tone of voice, posture or touch.


For example, imagine that you’re presenting your product to a customer, and you identify a gesture of dislike. If you interpret this non-verbal response in time, you may be able to modify the way you’re communicating your message and thus achieve a successful result.


That your customers are satisfied is one of the main keys for your company to be successful. Here are some tips to keep in mind when interacting with a buyer.

  • The treatment must be cordial and respectful, always greeting or shaking hands.
  • Identify how you feel, what is the need you have?
  • Express yourself with an appropriate tone of voice that is firm and direct, but without losing kindness.
  • Don’t use unnecessary gestures, pay full attention to your client, don’t use your mobile phone or look at the time, make sure that your body movements are in accordance with what you say so you’ll avoid sending the wrong message.
  • Always try to dress according to the dress code of each place.

Start putting these tips into practice and improve communication with your client.