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Most of us get used to working under routines and paradigms created in the industrial age. We believe that working hard and without free time will guarantee us success, but the reality is that hard work alone is not enough.

Work with focus: The first thing you must do to see tangible results from your daily effort is to conceptualize clear goals and an objective that guides your occupations. Smart work means working for goals and ends, not by hours. The planet is full of individuals speeding to nowhere.

Avoid distractions: We are in an age where we have countless distractions at hand that cost us more than we think.

Did you know that receiving an email or a call while we are focused can cost us up to 15 minutes of productivity?

Make to-do lists: It’s a simple, yet powerful productivity technique used by successful entrepreneurs. By having a specific list of the tasks that you must do to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, you will have the possibility to organize them and differentiate between the urgent and the fundamental. In addition, due to your list of tasks you will have the possibility of having a clearer idea of ​​which ones will take you more time, which ones you can order.

Establish priorities: One of the most relevant principles of smart work is putting the fundamental before the urgent. After carrying out your list of tasks, organize them keeping in mind components such as the benefit they produce, contribution to the achievement of your goals and importance.

The vast majority of individuals never have time for relevant things because day by day they spend it solving urgent things.

Take advantage of technology: We currently have hundreds of applications and tools created to help us accommodate and optimize our work, then the reality could be a waste not to use them.

Plan and visualize: It is false that things go better when they are not planned. While it is true that there are different factors that do not depend on us, it is also true that being organized in the way you work will allow you to reduce uncertainty and optimize your performance.

Get adequate rest: After some time carrying out an activity, you may feel that you are more easily distracted and you begin to feel anxiety about not continuing as you would like.

To conclude with these techniques and tips to be productive, you will have the results you expect, remember that working intelligently depends on you and the discipline you apply to all this.

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