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Ethics defines us, defines our personality, our discipline, principles, values, ideals, etc. However, the term is somewhat complex, as what may be «good or bad» for someone may not be for someone else. We were raised and educated differently, we grew up in different families and environments, since we were children, we captured «the right» or «wrong» according to what our parents gave us.

But the ethics that influence business? In most companies or ventures we need a team, customers, colleagues, and on many occasions our ethical behavior or values may differ from yours.

An example might be useful here: You are a young man who decided to enter the world of politics, you are honest and honest and offer you the position you have always wanted and desired, but in return you must cover certain tax frauds. In this case, do we get carried away by malice or do we decide to keep our position?

Here I will leave a suggestion, which is that ethics and morality is what defines us as people, it gives us even a social image, this clearly includes our labor sector. Let us be ethical not only in our personal, student, affective life, our professional dimension is of paramount importance as well. In fact, for a company to be properly discharged, «mission, vision and values» must be presented, which every member of the institution must follow without exception.

Many workplaces even sow a culture of «biblical values,» as well as: honoring God in everything we do, helping others, following excellence, growing with profit, etc.  Just as in journalism there must be ethics when reporting, the entrepreneur, manager, employee, and entrepreneur must show a commitment not only to themselves but also to their peers, and company.

To succeed in any industry, you must earn the respect of competitors, keep the name of your company or venture clean, preserve your values and sow them in each member. Ethics is a fundamental part of growing any type of business, it is a matter of credibility and trust, the more credibility and trust you generate with your customer or consumer it is much more likely to consume your product or service again, and at best recommend it as well.

Jerry White in his work «Honesty, Morality and Conscience» expresses that we must be righteous in everything we do, no matter what hierarchy you have. In the employee’s case, they should wonder if they actually work the time and full hours, if they are making the most of the salary they are being paid. For the owners of the company to wonder if they are really being fulfilled what is offered in the ad, is the customer receiving the maximum value for their money?

«Total honesty» towards your collaborators or customers.  That is why we should ask ourselves if we are honest enough when reporting on our use of time, money management and achievements, for example.

We can conclude that we must take full responsibility for the decisions we make, whatever position we have. Someone who offers honest, ethical, and honest services or products will attract honest, ethical, and honest customers.

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