Apps that will help you automate your social networks

  • In a world that moves faster and faster and where we want to do things in the best possible way while spending as little as possible, the most obvious step of all companies is the automation of all services, this was forced with the pandemic to anticipate the process and we see how many companies have already applied teleworking, chatbots and others, but many companies are still working with the stone pick method and we have wondered why there are companies in this situation.We have found many answers to this why, but only one conclusion, companies do not have information on how to automate their services, so we wanted to show you this guide on how to automate their services?.These tools will help you in the daily management of your social networks. They all have a free version to start using them and then it will be a matter of paying for the plan, of the tool that best suits your needs.
  • Hootsuite to manage your social networks, is one of the best tools to manage, program and therefore automate your social networks. We use it to program both our clients’ social networks and our own.In its free version it allows you to manage up to three social networks. If you manage several accounts, I recommend some of these rather more professional plans.With the free version to program messages, you must do it manually, you are not allowed to do it in blocks, for this you need to go to the paid version.To schedule messages, you must go to the image of the «calendar» and there set the day and time of publication.
  • Hootsuite offers real-time analysis and allows you to monitor your publications.
  • It allows you to publish and schedule content in different accounts, being one of the most complete social media platforms with more than 18 million users.It allows you to publish content on Instagram and gives you detailed reports as it analyzes the information you post on each social network.With Hootsuite you can shorten the URLs and search for the hashtags with the highest volume of users.You have the option of managing advertising campaigns. Hootsuite ADS, allows you to publish your campaigns on Facebook and Google.It integrates with more than 20 social networks and platforms such as Trello or Google My Business.You have priority customer service 24/7. Any incident, at any time of the day. Real people will attend you to give you help in whatever you need.Here is a video from the Hootsuite YouTube channel, with the latest updates to the tool dated March 2020.Metrical is a tool that allows you to analyze and measure all your digital content. Metrical offers functionalities such as:-Analyze all your digital content.-Plan and schedule and therefore automate your publications on social media.-It offers you reports of all the actions in social networks.-Now it also integrates with Google My Business.-You can also connect it to your blog, and it will give you some metrics of visits, number of page views, post you have written per week and comments on blog posts.The countries visiting the website and the traffic sources, for example: Twitter, or the platform from which they come.