A time without time

Your time is yours. Or, rather, it is for you to make those moments that make up your time yours.

How do you do it?
By asking yourself what you want. Because what you do is your commitments. It’s what you have chosen to do. Personal statements, public or private, intimate, in which you have decided to do that and not something else.

You commit to what you do and, also, to not doing what you don’t do. These are choices. When you get angry with your shortage of time, you are listening to an inner complaint. You are off-center, unbalanced. Your head has decided for your heart or vice versa.

The two most important days of your life are the day of your birth and the one when you discovered what for. On that day you begin a path of frequent commitments, which support what has been revealed to you. You begin to give more finished forms to the model. This work will take you as long as you can breathe. Thanks to your essence, the evolution is continuous towards what you want to be. And every tweak is a commitment.

When you want something to be, you imagine it, you live that moment now and you believe in it, you are giving birth to a commitment. When this process ends in the result you saw before, you have created another reality, you have put a new brick in your construction, which is more complete than before.

What you do with your moments, with your time, advances or delays your construction. Everything you do includes the rest, because you are part of the rest of the others. You are spinning on a magic wheel. Your time and mine are the same moment. Only that each one is the main actor in his own body.