What should you do to start your business?

The start of any company is usually difficult, especially because it´s there when the greatest obstacles arise and prevent your idea from looking ideal, it´s important to bear in mind that prior to taking this step, proper preparation and evaluation must be carried out to avoid the greatest amount of conflicts that could come.

Here we´ll teach you some things to keep in mind to start in the best way, and with the best tools to enter in the business world.

  • Seek advice. Generally, the entities in charge of regulating business activity offer free advice and training to entrepreneurs to help them with respect to issues related to the constitution and formalization of their business, so take advantage of these spaces. Also, you can seek advice from entrepreneurs who have already gone through the entire process of starting a business.


  • Don´t ignore the legal issues. Ignorance of the laws doesn´t exempt you from compliance, so it´s important that you know, from a strategic point of view, the commercial, labor, tax and criminal laws that influence the type of company you are creating. Failure to comply with the law carries financial and criminal sanctions that could completely end your company, and in front of the law the excuse is not valid «it´s that I didn´t know …». Even if you have the support of specialized professionals who are in charge of handle the accounting and legal part of your business, remember that your signature appears on the documents and you are legally responsible for the decisions made. In addition, by knowing the laws you can take advantage of the benefits that are included in them.


  • Take advantage of technology. Fortunately for us, we currently have at our disposal all kinds of tools and applications, such as Alegra, to manage our business in a more efficient way.


  • Take on the role of CEO of your company. Although at the beginning you must do everything, little by little you must focus on the tasks that as CEO of your company correspond to you, which are 4 according to Javier Megias: Define and communicate the vision and the business strategy; recruit, hire and retain the best talent; ensure that there is enough money in the box; and say «NO» and sell all the time.


  • Work smart. You must organize your time and manage your energy; otherwise you will wear yourself out without seeing progress in your business.