What is the best way to learn to be an entrepreneur?

The profile of the entrepreneur is quite complete and evolves along with the development of the business. The only way you will learn all it takes to be an entrepreneur is by entrepreneurship. Some conceptual bases can be learned by reading or in specialized courses, but the development of the necessary attitudes and skills will only be achieved through experience.


  • Design your own learning plan: As I mentioned earlier, each entrepreneurship process is different, so you should use the information in this publication only as a reference to design your own learning plan. Take a sheet and define the knowledge and skills you need to learn, and then choose the books you will read and the courses you will take according to your particular case.


  • Learning + Action: As you learn, take action; Only in this way will you guarantee the assimilation of knowledge. In addition, once you start to develop your business, it will be your own business that tells you what you must learn to continue moving forward.


  • You don´t have to be an expert in everything: The entrepreneur must understand his industry and have knowledge of different areas from a strategic point of view, but he shouldn´t be an expert in each particular area. For example, if you start in technology, you must understand how the industry works to make strategic decisions, but leave the operational part in the hands of experts in the field. Your job is to guide these experts, just like the conductor of the orchestra guides his team of musicians.


  • Some knowledge and skills are transversal: Although I placed the different topics in specific stages, there are skills such as leadership, knowing how to sell and finance, which are transcendent throughout the process, so the sooner you work on them, the better.


  • For your business to grow, you must grow: Never settle, there is always one more step to take and one more mountain to climb. Don´t stay with a single topic or a single author; give yourself the opportunity to contrast opinions, experiences and strategies. It grows so that you can add more value to your business.