They simplify logistics processes for SMEs

Under the slogan «Let’s be unstoppable» UPS launched its campaign to support SMEs. Its objective is to support this sector in its economic recovery process through logistics solutions that allow them to simplify their administrative processes and support them to grow their business through exports.

And it is that for small and medium-sized companies, logistics can be a difficult issue when it comes to foreign trade, despite the fact that today a greater number of consumers can reach, especially through electronic commerce.

Only 5% of the micro, small and medium-sized companies that exist in Mexico export, UPS points out. Those who do so face customs and tariff procedures, among others, which are not always easy to deal with.

According to the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), 54% of SMEs seeking to export through electronic commerce, but so far, only 3 out of 10 have achieved it. Therefore, it is necessary to facilitate and simplify the development of this sector.

«MSMEs customers need an easy rate structure, as well as technology that helps them have better control of their shipments and costs,» acknowledges UPS.

It is for this reason that the logistics company maintains its support program for SMEs that began last year. For those looking to expand internationally, UPS includes a discount of up to 55% for export shipments, registering on the program page.

There is also a simplified flat rate for domestic shipments, which includes the most common UPS accessories such as pickup scheduling, extended area delivery charge, and residential delivery charge. This will simplify the decision process and cost selection for all those who want to undertake to ship their products within the country.

The domestic rate also includes the UPS carbon neutral accessory, so that customers can help offset the carbon emissions associated with the transportation of their shipments and thus protect the environment.

Small businesses usually lack the resources and time necessary to venture into new technologies, so leveraging the value-added technology provided by their strategic allies is essential.

To help simplify business logistics processes, UPS also launched the new UPS My Choice® for Business technology tool, with which customers, through a personalized control panel, have access to monitoring and control functionalities, All in the same place; giving MSMEs a competitive advantage in electronic commerce and access to the international market.