The importance of knowing how to manage your monetary fund

We have all experienced this situation at some time: Half a fortnight, see something that caught your attention, you want to buy it so you open your wallet and look at your cards and that’s when you realize that you don’t have enough money to buy it. When this happens, you realize that you have a problem with your financial habits. Luckily, everything has a solution, read on.

First of all, let’s reaffirm that a habit is that action that we do naturally on a daily basis without feeling under pressure. The best way to obtain it is through the perseverance, conviction and discipline that these imply, but with the knowledge that we know that the results will be beneficial for ourselves.

Also, you have to evaluate your current financial state, before creating a change, you must identify what your current state is like and from there go to take control of your financial habits. You can rely on tools to control your expenses such as mobile applications, Excel spreadsheets or handwritten notes, in this way your finances will improve little by little.

Here are some financial habits that can improve your pocketbook.

  1. Create a budget: Take an exact note of how much money you receive and how much money goes out, you can classify your expenses as home, food, education, others.
  2. Save: This part is essential, since saving a small part of our income can help you with any unexpected crisis.
  3. Invest: It is the best way to put your money to work. Before making the decision, it is important to consider some aspects, such as performance, term, risks, investment models, etc.
  4. Planning: Divide your income and expenses in short and long term. It will save you from facing unexpected expenses.
  5. Get out of debt: When you acquire an extra income, prioritize the term of what is mandatory such as cards, credits, etc.

We must be aware that being financially free requires a radical change in our financial habits. It is for this reason that the process can be time consuming and somewhat arduous, but it is known that the most complicated thing is to take the first step, after that perseverance and discipline do your job.