Small Business Loan Application

Finding the right business loan for your small business is what we do. We want your business to grow as much as you do. That’s why we help you understand your financing options and guide you to select the best loan for your business, for you, and your business.

How to Get a Small Business Loan


Getting to know you and your small business

Answer a few simple online questions about your business and find out if you prequalify for a small business loan in just a few seconds!

Review Your Options with a Small Business Loan Specialist

Tell us your story and help us understand your company. We will explain your financing options and answer any questions you may have during the small business loan process.

Send Basic Financial Records

We want to make sure we have all the information we need to help you get the right loan for you. Submitting your Financial Statements online is safe and easy!

Accept the final offer and terms of the business loan

After a careful personalized review of your loan application for your business, our team will offer you a final offer, on the terms appropriate to your business loan. Sign and that’s it!

Receive funding

That’s all! Your funds will be deposited into your bank account. Now you can focus on growing your small business.


3 Simple Steps to Small Business Financing


Online pre-approval, simple and easy

Our online pre-approval process will let you know if you currently qualify for a small business loan. Simply fill out the form with basic information about yourself and your business, and you’ll know where you are within 24 hours. If you are pre-approved for a small business loan, be prepared as we will guide you through the process to better assess your needs.


Be paired with the best loan for your business

Submit your small business documents online or submit your financial records to your business loan specialist. It’s easy! Afterward, we will carefully review your business profile and associate you with the small business loan solution that best suits your needs.


Receive an offer and receive funds within days

He has succeeded! At this point, your business loan specialist will make you an offer. Sign the small business loan agreement and you’re good to go! You will receive your funds directly to your bank account in just a few days.


Qualify for a Business Loan

Our criteria are more flexible than a bank and our terms are primarily based on your small business’ cash flow, your credit score and use of funds.



To qualify for a small business loan, your business must be registered and operating for at least 9 months, generate sales of $30,000 annually or $2,500 a month, and the small business owner must have credit score of 550 or higher.


Fast Financing at
2 Business Days

Small business loans offer the speed and confidence to receive financing as quickly as in 2 days. We offer our customers the best rates and conditions, which allows us to help more small businesses grow.


Minority owners of
small businesses

We are dedicated to helping minority businesses succeed. We believe that access to finance is one of the biggest challenges for businesses today.

It is convenient to know the most common requirements in the management of a loan for a small and medium enterprise (SME), because it is useful information at all times and constant use in the activity of entrepreneurs, who must be prepared when looking for financing that grows their business; or, consider it as a measure to face any eventuality or contingency that may arise along the way.

Many businesses seek to finance themselves with a bank loan; however, some do not know whether or not they are subject to a loan, if their business has the necessary elements and if there are the conditions to request it, and it is even possible that they do not have a clear idea of the type of financing that best suits their requirements.

The main aspects that they take into account before granting a loan to an SME:


  •  Legal status of the company. The client is asked for the Constitutive Act of the business and the vouchers that support the time of operation of the same.
  •  Financial condition. It is evaluated by means of the income statement and cash flow.
  •  Fiscal condition. That is, being up to date with the fulfillment of tax obligations, having a formal registration and making the payment of taxes.
  •  Description of the business. This is essential, because it is about knowing more details about the SME in aspects such as the installed and used capacity, the number of employees, the work shifts and other details that describe the daily operation of the company.


Most of these points are included in the business plan, which turns out to be a useful tool to increase the chances of obtaining credit, because banking and credit institutions need to know with certainty that the project to be financed will be profitable and that the person responsible for the business is clear about the way in which the company will operate to lead it to success.

A loan represents a benefit for small and medium-sized businesses, whether to start it, modernize it, acquire new infrastructure, grow their investment or even to cover unforeseen events. Before applying for credit, it will always be important to self-assess the ability of the business to pay to ensure that it can cover payments.