New enhancement of personal professional care performed by humans.

  • There is no doubt that technology is influencing the trends for this new year in a decisive way. However, we must not lose sight of other elements, which, while not new, are likely to be of great importance again in the marketing landscape. And one of them is personalized attention through remote experts. According to a study by Accenture USA, 77% of consumers prefer to negotiate or deal with humans when it is something in which they need to be advised by experts.Faced with an avalanche of technology and digitization, in the end a high percentage of consumers miss dealing with human beings for certain things, such as the purchase of products or services with a high acquisition value and that require complex decisions that involve reasoning. deep. Remember that 84% of consumers prefer that their questions be answered by people.Financial services, everything related to health, vehicle sales, lawyers or luxury retail, are some of the sectors that require customer service carried out by human experts. For all of them, new technologies will help a lot during this new 2019. Technologies such as video calls, through which any user from home can talk with an expert agent answering any questions that may arise about a product or service, and with a second camera that allows the agent to show everything that the user needs to see better, can be the differentiating element. If you want to know more about Video Call, I recommend that you take a look at this tool: Wannasee