Marketing types

Business marketing has managed to become one of the most relevant tools of any company, regardless of the sector. Marketing is presented as the best way to reach the desired audience and make the services or products offered by the company much more interesting and attractive to customers.

The main objective of business marketing is to increase the company’s sales and retain those customers who have trusted the company. To do this, it is necessary to follow a series of techniques and strategies that adapt to both the tastes and the needs of customers. But what are the types of business marketing that exist?

Main types of business marketing

There are many types of business marketing, so it would be difficult to mention all of them. Below you will find a list that includes the main types of business marketing, those that are most relevant and that will allow you to reach a greater number of customers:

Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing seeks to carry out actions with long-term results, facing the future of the company. The main objective of this type of business marketing is to be able to define actions to be able to implement strategies that increase profits and reduce the use of resources.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing has become very important in recent decades. It is focused on the online or digital world. The use of the Internet has expanded dramatically, hence it is not surprising that digital marketing techniques such as SEO are increasingly used by companies to position themselves in the top positions in search engines such as Google.

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is ​​possibly the best known of all. It is also known as 4P marketing: product, price, promotion, and distribution (in English: Price, Product, Placement, Promotion), key variables for any company. It seeks to adapt to the needs of customers in all the fundamental aspects that consumers usually take into account before deciding to buy a product or hire a service.

Operational Marketing

Also known as short-term marketing, operational marketing is one that is carried out in a period that is usually less than one year. Carry out specific actions using the variables used in the Marketing Mix: product, price, distribution, and promotion. It is in charge of both the development and the execution of a series of actions and tactics that seek to achieve the proposed objective.

Green marketing

In recent years, awareness of the environment has grown among many citizens from all corners of the world. This has led to the emergence of green marketing, through which products and services that have been designed or created to conserve and care for our environment are promoted.

Social marketing

Social marketing is helped by strategies aimed at promoting social works or by strategies that seek to promote well-being in any kind of environment or community. On many occasions, social marketing is linked to the commercialization of a service or product, but this is not always the case, since on other occasions they are considered merely as ‘social works’.


Neuromarketing is one of the types of business marketing that has been causing the most talk in recent times, as it tends to obtain very good results. Marketing combined with neuroscience analyzes the behavior of the brain of human beings in the face of the different advertising stimuli that are presented to them in order to create strategies based on said behaviors.