Marketing tools that will help you get more traffic on your business pages

The digital marketing strategy of any business seeks to continuously improve the conversion processes, not only focused on increasing sales, but also on attracting potential customers, who download a book from the company’s website or simply increase the web traffic.
Regardless of the conversion goal, rate optimization is possible thanks to the implementation of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), which sets the standard for achieving those goals.
TrustRadius is one of the most trusted technology review sites for business, and according to a study conducted, 72% of companies that invest in CRO processes have increased their revenue by up to 50%.
To apply CRO strategies in your business, it is necessary to analyze the business model, user behavior and perform tests before implementing changes to the website.
Next, we share some digital tools that will help you identify the points that you should improve in your online business, applying CRO tools:

This is a platform for self-examination, where companies can perform remote tests to evaluate the user experience with their website before implementing changes.

It is a more complete platform that allows companies to evaluate user behavior and measure their experience according to the properties of the website. It also allows you to quickly check usability (the degree of ease in using the website).
With the data obtained, the company will make smarter decisions about the product it wants to launch on the market or the changes it wants to implement.

Optimal sort
This is a tool that allows you to study the business website and verify if it meets the accessibility requirements. It also allows studying the architecture of the website through user surveys, since its fundamental role is to generate web traffic and improve the conversion rate.

This tool stands out for its heat maps that allow users’ behavior to be recorded, showing the strong and weak points of the website and indicating whether your customers, upon entering, only stay on the initial page, how many clicks they make, or if any video is attracting more attention than another.

For those small and medium entrepreneurs who do not have programming experience, Unbounce represents an excellent solution, since it allows you to design a landing page, easily and intuitively, thanks to its templates.