Marketing of the future

Marketing is an area that is constantly changing due to production changes in industries and the very hectic nature of the digital age. In a context where the best is always yet to come and trends are updated every so often, it is necessary to find innovative marketing tools in order to maintain the interest of customers and attract potential ones.

Knowing well the user profile of the company, the buyer persona, is the first step in designing a marketing strategy that is closer to it. Beyond this exercise, there are countless tools and new techniques that must be sought in order to maintain attention. Social media, SEO, and a good creative team are essential in any current Marketing department.

Analyze the audience and their possible needs

The first step of any communication and marketing strategy is based on specifying exactly what is being sold and to whom. These answers will change depending on the nature of the business, if it is a physical store if the website is the contact with the customer, etc. In this sense, knowing the potential client well, anticipating their needs, and knowing what defines their online experiences is necessary to describe well the tactics to follow in social networks and marketing. The target will define elements such as what presence is in the networks, in which and through what language.

In recent years, the use of Big Data Marketing has spread to also refer to all those actions focused on reading the data and the traces of users to rewrite the marketing strategy. Thanks to new technologies, it will be much easier for the company to know the behavior of users and define how it will address them.

Another advantage of big data is the ability to adjust content and actions based on impact. In other words, it is now possible to know which tactics have worked the best, where the clicks come from, which products work best and which words have generated more debate. In this sense, the entire data set allows much more efficient and effective creation of quality content. In this way, productivity is increased and costs are reduced, focusing efforts on what really works.

However, it is important to remember that online data collection must go hand in hand with current legislation. This means that all investment must be accompanied by cybersecurity and each content in which information is collected must comply with the current RGPD, in force since May 2018. This is an even more important detail when the web works as a payment portal where it carries out transactions.

The marketing of the future is one that requires a constant update of the company but offers a great return when implemented successfully. A good marketing strategy allows the activity of the company to be more productive and produce a greater impact. It has never been so easy to understand user behavior and adapt strategies to their needs. Knowing how to read the data and knowing how to match the content to your needs are the keys to success.