Make an effective business plan

Knowing that a business plan is a map that allows you to establish goals, detail the structure of your business and its way of operating, in addition to proposing a budget for opening, operation, and advertising, among other aspects it is necessary to make one to remain of the company.

Here are some tips that will help you make an effective business plan:

It must be an organized, clean document that follows a basic structure, with an easy-to-read font and an index that includes all the sections of the plan. With a cover that defines us and well laid out.
Use simple and direct language that captures attention and encourages them to continue reading. With clear sections, which facilitate the search for key elements and without taking too long.

If your company is risky, a certain degree of creativity can be accepted. If, on the other hand, your company does not lend itself to decorations, you should not exaggerate. Better a simple document that captures the essence of who you are, than something too overloaded, that can make you lose attention to what is really important.
The strategy is important when creating the plan. Put the focus on the strengths of your company, but do not forget the weaknesses, to try to correct them.

Be tactical, carry out the exposed actions.
A first Plan does not have to be the final one. You can go filing those things that at first seem not to work.
Measure, analyze. And compare with expectations. Setting goals and following up helps to see if the action plans are working or, on the contrary, you have to go another way.