How to extract the talent of your employees

As a good leader, it is necessary that you learn to extract the talent of your employees since this will help your company to advance more quickly and efficiently, it is also a characteristic that will help you to be a renowned leader and that you can stay with the step weather.

As you reflect on what characteristics and behaviors can contribute to discovering the best talents, the following examples can help. See if your employees demonstrate the following characteristics:

Positive attitude
Entrepreneurial spirit
Innovation or creativity
Commitment to the culture and mission of the company
Effective communication skills
Active listening
Customer focus, both internally and externally
Ability to build strong relationships in the workplace
Leadership skills
Growth potential
Work experience and skills
Delivery commitment
Strong work ethic
Decision-making skills, flexibility, and problem-solving.
Once talent has been detected, to effectively manage it within the company, it is necessary to:
Clearly communicate the talent required by the company.
Define how the organization will measure employee potential.
Clarify the link between current and potential performance.
Supervise and develop people identified as a key or high potential.
No talent management process will be successful unless the organization recognizes the value of talent identification and development. Managers must invest time and resources in empowering these qualities to ensure that the plan and approach are widely understood and aligned with the organization at all levels of the decision-making processes.