How the new iOS 14 policies affect your marketing strategies

As a business owner, marketing strategies are very important to grow your business and that these campaigns reach many people, however with the new IOS 14 policies this is affected.
From now on we are going to show you how these policies affect your business through marketing strategies.
Personalized experience
Most of the websites, social networks, and other advertising platforms benefit from collecting data to offer personalized experiences to potential clients within their strategies.
In case a part of your segmentation comes from an audience that uses iOS 14 and blocked the permission, then that business would be no longer tracking a sector of your business.
Facebook advertising
This is one of the main concerns of advertisers, remember that most businesses create advertising campaigns from the incredible ad manager that Facebook has.
And if a part of the segmentation, which is also an iOS 14 user, does not give the data tracking permission, advertisers will be affected because their ads will not be as effective as when they could reach all audiences.
However, you still have to wait a few more months to give a concise answer on whether it will be a very big inconvenience or not. We must know more details, with data and percentages that verify the results, both from Apple and Facebook.
In fact, given this important change for the world of advertising, Facebook has given its opinion on the matter and has left several recommendations.
Will other applications and platforms be affected?
Yes, the new policy is not only for Facebook advertisers. It is for all that website, advertising platform, or social network that collects user data for its own benefit, be it personalized content, advertising, leads, etc.
IOS Users
Users of this operating system will be affected by this update if they allow it because let us remember that it is not that Apple is eliminating tracking, no: it is giving the user the power to decide whether or not they want their information to be collected. for the benefit of third parties.
So if a user decides that they will not give the permission, then they will stop seeing personalized content little by little, and their experience will be greatly limited since they will not see what might interest them.