The importance of having a website

If you want your audience to know who you are, having a website is highly recommend

A web page gives you global visibility. If you have a business and sell physical products, a website will help you expand it; one way to do it just that, is through e-commerce. So users can visit your page, select the merchandise, pay for it and receive it at home. Local customers can choose to pick up the products in the physical store.

Through e-commerce, you can also put digital products for sales, such as e-books and other electronic documents.

Opening a web page by its self doesn’t attract visitors. More actions are needed to achieve this.

One of the actions is through blog posts. By having articles with relevant content and using keywords, it will allow to capture the interest of Internet users and take advantage of that traffic to other types of actions, such as registration for a newsletter, an invitation to events.

Also through relevant content of a product or service, available in your e-commerce, how


-Best practices for its use.
-It can help the user in their purchase decision.

Subscriber list and InfoProducts
A list of subscribers should not be missing when creating a web page. You already have contact information, name, e-mail, voluntarily provided by visitors to your site.

From there you can create strategies to gain the trust of subscribers and convert them into future customers.

As for digital products, there are many options:

-Online courses recorded on video
-Courses in digital material.
-Consulting sessions, coaching.
-In the following link I share how to organize webinars.

How to do a free webinar step by step.