Benefits of the online store on Facebook

  •  Every day that passes we see how more and more people take courage and decide to undertake their own adventure on the Internet and in general, the online business sector. 
  • Either creating their own personal brand blog, a niche or affiliate blog where they seek to monetize or opening their own online store, where they sell the products of the sector in which they are specialized. 
  • And precisely this last type of business is where we will focus today, since, if you generally have a digital business where you sell any type of product, you should know that thousands (or millions) of people will accompany you who, like you, are trying to become a hole in this «jungle» that is the Internet. 
  • Given the advantages of social networks that, among other things, serve as an amplifier of the benefits of your business to reach more people and let the world know «that you exist», today I will show you a very effective strategy that you can carry out on Facebook, to give that visibility to your company’s products.Make yourself comfortable because below we will show you the benefits of taking your business to a Facebook online store. 
  • Facebook is the best showcase to the general public, in your first months you do not get visits to your website and, therefore, you do not sell a single product through the Internet, you must help yourself from other channels. And it is precisely here that a wonderful social network comes into play, as is the case with Facebook. 
  •  This is the network of networks for the general public, since who today does not have a personal profile on Facebook?As professionals in the online world, we have (as I imagine you do too) family members who have doubts about how to do X things in X social networks every time they have the opportunity, I understand that this is the most intuitive social network for users with lower level of digital knowledge. 
  • Therefore, this will be the perfect social network to start taking your first steps with your business within social networks. In other words, even if you have a parallel presence with your business on other social networks, such as Instagram or Twitter, if you are starting and want to test with the social media sector, Facebook will be one of the best showcases where you can begin to interact with who will be you. target audiences. 
  1. In the absence of SEO, social networks! It is very likely that when you start to take your first steps with your business, you do not have knowledge of how to improve your web positioning, to rank for those «niche» keywords for your sector professional. 
  • Even if you already have some notions, when you start with any type of web page, you need, among other things, that users know you and little by little become the preferred option for them, when they need to buy an item like the ones you do. you sell. 
  • Therefore, until you manage to position yourself in the SERPs of search engines like Google and organically begin to «stick your head», Facebook should be your channel from where you bring traffic.In other words, I suggest that by creating an online store on Facebook you “go fishing” potential clients. 
  1. You will attract “social traffic” interested in your products. Another reason why I propose to create a store on Facebook is that you will attract “social” traffic with which to increase the sales of your products. 
  • Although you will hear that, if you have a web page of any kind, the most desirable thing is to have the highest possible organic traffic, this type of web traffic will also be of great importance, since above all, it will be a highly qualified traffic. 
  • This is because, as we will see later, they will be users who will end up at the URL of your product potentially interested in making a purchase of the product that you sell, since they have gone to see your products after having seen what characteristics and what price they have.And that clearly means that, in principle, they are interested! 
  1. You will increase the possibilities of purchase in a “subliminal” way.
  •  Surely you have ever gone to a physical store to buy and, after choosing all the products and putting them in the cart, when you get in line to pay, you have seen some product that you also need, right at the head of the conveyor belt. 
  • What a coincidence, right?This, broadly speaking, is called cross-selling and “offline” businesses know how to carry it out in a very studied way, since, if you think about it, these products are the typical products that we all need at one time or another, such as: batteries, gum, sweets, tissues, etc. 
  •  In the case of Facebook, you have the possibility of taking advantage of the publications where you share content of value for your community to tag those products that you have previously registered in the Facebook store that we will create today.However, for these to attract the attention of your users, you must share content of high quality, usefulness and surprise, since your products will be tagged at the bottom of the content. 
  • You will be giving, in a similar way to what happens in physical stores, subliminal visibility to your products.