7 steps to build your company in a time of crisis.

Times of crisis are the most difficult and not only in our businesses but also in all aspects of our life and since we know that this situation is like this, we want to help you overcome this situation in a good way.

It is not a magic recipe, it requires work and effort, but my experience and that of dozens of businesses that I have helped support these tips.

Next, we show you the 7 steps to raise your company in a time of crisis:

1. Optimize spending: Minimize spending and invest in what can get you out of the crisis. Commercial aspects and Marketing are essential to reach customers. Investing in Marketing and Communication is vital for your business.
2. Invest in Online Marketing and Low-cost Communication: Investing in Marketing and Communication is essential, but spending a lot of money is not essential. Online Marketing and Low-cost Communication are possible and require low financial resources. Open a showcase for your business on the Internet. through a website and social networks. It is the first step. You have to get social networks to help you increase the visibility of your business.
3. Know your target audience: It is time to invest time in classifying your target audiences. Now more than ever, it is necessary to know your audience, your community, if you know what they expect of you and your product, you can offer them what they need and you will turn each client into a commercial for your business. brand Identify each type of customer with a person you know. Put your name and surname, hobbies, interests, motivations, profession … all the data you can in a file and turn that archetype into the objective of your Marketing.