5 Tips to validate your customers:

In business life, our approach to our customers is crucial, since the way we organize ourselves with them will broaden the path to being successful in what we provide.

The point of validating clients is not based on the population range that we can reach, but on the way in which we can obtain a good percentage that is satisfied with what our company has done.

Here we show you some points to keep in mind when validating a client in the best way:


  1. Make a list of the items you need to validate. Start by being clear about those technical and commercial elements of your product or service that you need to validate. Also, define metrics that help you monitor the validation process.


  1. Valid with real clients. Validation must be done in real market scenarios. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of validating only with family and friends, so the feedback they receive is usually biased. Define the ideal customer profile for the value proposition that you´re building and find a way to reach people who fit that profile. See here how to validate your business using social networks.


  1. It offers a comprehensive concept. From the first prototype you made, you should already have a clearer notion of what your customers want, need and want; use that information to design a complete concept that is attractive to your segment. Here it´s important to take into account details such as size, weight, color, price, etc.


  1. Don’t be obsessed with having a lot of clients. Become obsessed with having great customers, people who love what you are creating.


  1. Learn and Improve. The key to this stage of the process is data. All the information you collect should help you fine-tune the focus and strategies of your business.