5 Tips to create a chatbot

After knowing how important a chatbot is for your company, the next step you must take is to create one and we want to help you do it effectively, therefore we have created some tips for you that you should take into account when making the chatbot for your business.
The plus that Chatbots provide to the future growth and success of brands and businesses is undeniable. Know the 5 aspects that you must take into account when designing a Live Chat for your company, and encourage yourself to put them into practice!

1. Your Bot must be accessible

You can build the best and most innovative Chatbot that can exist, but if it is not accessible to the user, all your efforts will be in vain since it will not meet their expectations.
For example, your customers should not have to go after your Chatbot but on the contrary, it should be present in the applications that they use every day. If your brand or business provides solutions for professionals who work as a team, designing a Bot for Slack is the best alternative since this platform is widely used by work teams.

2. Decide what type of information your Bot will provide

It is important to set goals that your Live Chat must meet when you schedule it. These rules or guides are usually based on information that you want your Bot to learn and collect about your customers.
The very nature of Chatbots means that they get more and better information over time and interactions; This is an important aspect to keep in mind when developing one.
The knowledge you have of your customers from your Bots will help you segment your Marketing campaigns, recommend products and services and increase sales. These are some of the benefits that the knowledge that your Bots will acquire can bring you.
This is the information that any Live Chat should save to optimize its interactions with your audience:
The postal code of the location of your clients, to offer them recommendations and services according to their location.
Shopping preferences and reviews of previous purchases made through Bots, to find new methods to interact with customers in a more meaningful way.
Preferences in matters related to the products and services you offer so that in the future your Bots can assist your clients and prospects with appropriate promotions and offers.

3. Your Bot must be artificially intelligent

For many, it may be a fairly obvious tip considering the nature of Bots, but many brands and businesses do not take this point into account when developing their Live Chat. And it is that a slight oversight in the efficient use of your Bot could cost your business a lot!
Are there small tasks that you pay someone else to do? If you have a mobile application, for example, you could have a Bot available to answer user questions about your application. This will help improve the downloads of your application and with it the profits.
Think of all the Customer Service and Support tasks that you could optimize and then schedule your Chatbot to solve them. Keep in mind that according to several specialists, Bots can reduce customer service costs by up to 30%.
These tasks should be fully clarified when you schedule your Live Chat so that it can fulfill them in the simplest and most
efficient way possible.

4. Replace your Apps and their updates with a Bot

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the way people interact with brands and businesses. In the same way, they bring significant changes in the way of approaching Marketing actions.
Today it is clear that Chatbots could replace applications, while the use of smartphones will continue to increase and users will wish to have unified interfaces. In this sense, having a Chatbot can be a solution.

5. Make sure your Bot carries on a natural conversation

Chatbots are supposed to be conversational, so you want to make sure yours knows how to engage naturally. This will make your clients feel more comfortable with him and he can collect more valuable information during the conversation.
Even if you are not a programmer, when developing your Live Chat it is important that you take into account the main goals of your Bot, since you could use it both to direct sales or answer questions and comments. In any case, it must be programmed to perform these and other actions in a natural and fluid way. Here are some additional tips for making your Chatbot a conversational expert:
Program your Bot to mimic the natural flow of language. This will keep the questions and answers between you and the customer flowing efficiently.
Make your Live Chat have an intelligent conversation with your customers. Program it to use basic terminology that your users will understand and that will facilitate the User Experience.
Don’t let the Chatbot overwhelm your customers with all its innovative features. By programming your Bot so that the conversation flows naturally, it will reveal its potential to customers as the interaction progresses and at the right time.