Basic rules of customer service

Customer service is one of the fundamental parts of companies, so it must be given the importance that it deserves, it is so much so that success in sales plays a fundamental role.
Here are five basic rules that you must follow in your company’s customer service:

Rule # 1: keep everything you promise

When promising something, make sure that you can comply with what was agreed. Trying to attract or retain a customer through deception is not recommended.

Rule # 2: give the customer more than they expect

Study your client and their needs very well. That way, you can develop strategies to offer much more than what he expects.

Rule # 3: a dissatisfied employee generates dissatisfied customers

It is essential that your internal clients (employees) are satisfied and satisfied with their work since a good work environment is reflected in dealing with your external clients.

Rule # 4: no matter how good the customer service is, there is always room for improvement

Continuous improvement should be a golden rule in your company. In this way, your business will continue to achieve higher levels of quality in all areas, including customer service.

Rule # 5: customer satisfaction is teamwork

Satisfying the customer should be the task of all the members that make up the company. Make sure it’s a team effort.